Welcome, take a look around!

Oh hey there! Welcome! Take a look around!

New Soundcloud upload :) 

So my PC died. I had a mic setup to record and all of a sudden it started grinding and whirring out a really ugly C sharp whine to let me know in no uncertain terms that it was on the way out. Cue a new laptop and a combing though of all the files I had tucked away on the drive. It yielded some shocking recordings I'd done and also some gems thankfully haha. Here's one of said gems... a live recording of Come Together from a packed out Carrington Hotel at Oktoberfest last year. I gave it a rough mix and popped it on Soundcloud for you to have a geeze at. Enjoy! 


Plenty more to come now I have a recording laptop that actually works ha! Stay tuned, stay warm, stay groovy!

Aunty Jack's 

Aunty Jack's went off like a frog in a sock! Big love to everyone that came for a boogie - special shout out to you Allegra Dunning ❤ and to the gorgeous Lona Logan-LoLo for taking a bunch of groovy shots - stay tuned folks... gonna have some pretty pics for you soon. 
Thanks Ben Stevenson for this little gem of a piccy. 

NEW VIDEO Retro Rehash you bloody legends!! 

So hey! This just happened!

Check out this bluesing original recorded in the fine establishment that is Retro Rehash 89.1fm! 

Big ups and special cuddles all the behind the scenes ninjas involved!

Sound by Jess McKenna, Kieran Barley and Tyson Fuzzman 
Mixing by Tyson Fuzzman 
Video by Aidan JG Photography, Jackson K Samuel and Patographics

Love and respect to you all for makin me sound and look pretty!

Stay tuned for more tasty tunes!

Katoomba goes OFF 

What an amazing Saturday just gone! 

The very first ever Katoomba Live and Local micro festival set the CBD of Katoomba awash with incredible music of every genre and age. What a total pleasure to be a part of such a ground breaking event, there was such a sense of excitement, community and passion for music and culture it made my heart sing! 

Big thanks to Aunty Jack's for hosting a bit of blues! And MASSIVE thanks to Meg Benson for organising it along with Chris Cannell and countless other valuable and passionate souls that put in a lot of time and effort to make this event the success that it was. 

Cheers Brad Diedrich and Brigitte Grant for the happy snaps too! 

New original vid 

It's heeere! I recently went to a workshop organised and run Meg Benson and Mountains Youth Services to learn a little more about this wild and wonderful music business as well as getting a photoshoot from the amazing Lona Logan from Inertia Photography. Oh! And this little video chestnut from the folks at KFM Media, Jackson and Tyson. There's a groovy micro festival coming up Katoomba Live and Local on the 7th of April run by Meg as well - check it out! 


I'll be playing as a part of the festival at Aunty Jack's from 3:40pm.

This is a new original I wrote about self preservation from the folks that push and pull and play you. Hope you enjoy Draw The Line!

Things to come... 

Saturday. Oh Saturday! 

Hotel Blue was happening 3 days ago! That beautiful room was packed with so many wonderful people I was quite overwhelmed. Bass Daddy, Frank Corby and I all bluesed up the joint something fierce... and the best thing? Bailey from KFM media recorded THE WHOLE THING!! Stay tuned my lovelies, some groovy moving pictures are in the pipeline!

To give you a bit of a taste -  here's a bit of Bailey's work from last Hotel Blue gig.... enjoy!

Avalon jazz man.... 

What a doozy of a weekend! 

Friday I had the honour of playing 2 hours of jazz with Bruce Cale at the gorgeous Avalon in Katoomba, such a buzz! The uber talented Vanessa Leigh took some swell pics 

New recordings 

Got something cool cooking folks. With this little gadget I'm planning on recording a whole bunch of honest, FREE songs for you. 

Stay tuned...


Happy Hippy Hoedown 

What a night! The Baroque Room in Katoomba was absolutely packed last Saturday for an awesome fundraiser for Radio Blue Mountains and Toolo. So much dancing, so much sweat, so much groooovy music! I had the absolute pleasure of performing with Oliver and Johnson from Paperhill before kicking back and listening to Swanee and the Mountaineers. So sooo good! Check out these swell pics courtesy of Lona Logan

Hot three piece at Hotel Blue 

Oh man was Saturday night fun! 

I had the absolute pleasure of playing to a full room of beautiful appreciative souls alongside two incredible musicians and great guys. Frank Corby on drums and David Valaisa/Dave Javu on bass guitar. 

What a joy!

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