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Oh hey there! Welcome! Take a look around!

Mixing & Design for Momentum 

Well, it's all happening!
As I type this the tracks for Momentum are being mixed to sonic gloriousness and the graphic design is in the final stages and mock ups are being printed either today or tomorrow. It's all starting to come together and I'm feeling rather overwhelmingly grateful to be surrounded by such skilled people that have made and are making this all possible.
I have a printer & replicator all good to go once the music and artwork are finished and everything is on track for the album launch on November 18 at Hotel Blue....yeeeewwww!!!! :D
In other news, I've just had a few photoshoots done by my endlessly talented sister in law Danielle...behold!
Crazy good. I'll be posting some more of her photos on my website soon...stay tuned :)

Sweet lord it's FINISHED!!!! 

Well now, at long last the recording of Momentum is finally DONE! Everything is recorded and I'm sending the tracks to be mixed today. So incredibly relieved, it's been a marathon for sure!
Now it needs to be mixed, mastered and printed and then it's ready for the listening by your good ears :D
Stay tuned...


Well happy Thursday folks!
So I may have mentioned that I decided to call this new album "Momentum" to satisfy my perverse sense of irony.
Recording has been stopped, started, delayed and hindered over the past few months. Mostly due to the fact that I'm constructing a new studio at the same time and I've been spending my days lately weilding crowbars, hammers and nail guns almost convincingly.
But this week I've knuckled down and recommenced recording and folks, it's nearly finished! I'm meeting with my graphic designer soon to sort out style and make the damn thing look pretty.
Also, the impending date of the album launch is approaching at an alarming rate! There's no motivator like panic. Hotel Blue has been kind enough to host the launch of Momentum on Friday November 18 at 6:30-8:30pm. I'll update on lineup soon - there will be some giants in that room :)

5 gigs - 3 days 

I'm so excited for this coming weekend! 5 fantastic gigs over three days? Yes, I do believe I shall.
In four fantastic venues mind you.

In between the gigging and travelling, somehow an album has to be finished and new studio built.

...How hard can it be, right? :D

Back at Hotel Blue 

So stoked to be back at Hotel Blue for a Thursday night blues session.
This is such a happening venue for live music in the Mountains - relentlessly cool.
Free entry - gotta be happy with that

Winter Magic with Retro Rehash 

This coming Saturday just keeps getting better and better!

Now, not only do I have the joy of playing at Hotel Gearin for 40 minutes of blistering blues from 12 - 12:40pm

...I also have the honour of joining the fine gentlemen Willem and Roger at Retro Rehash 89.1 FM for a chat and some live tunes from 10am - 11am.
So excited I could pop!

Then, a lovely chilled gig at Cafe 2773 in Glenbrook from 6 - 8:30pm.

That's an epic  Saturday right there! :D

Winter Magic! 

Hey hey folks,

Just a quick update that I'll be performing at the 23rd Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. Love those last minute gigs. :)
We'll be rocking out at The Hotel Gearin on Saturday June 18 from 12-12:40pm. So excited! :D

Vivid FOGG  

Well, Vivid Sydney is up and running and so is Roger Foley-FOGG's exhibition Lightshows - 60's to NOW. I was honoured with being asked to write, record and perform an original piece of music to be used alongside one of his stunning and innovative artworks. It's been such a privilege to work not only with Roger, but also with the talented team of people that made it all possible! Special woop to Rusty and John Baker whom I spent the day with last week lending a hand to set up the exhibition.

The man himself - Roger Foley-FOGG

I'll be writing a post about the recording process of my track - "Funky FOGG" in the next few days. Roger's exhibition is on at 33 Playfair St, The Rocks on the ground floor of the Cleland Bond building - get on down and have a gander at this incredible man's life's work. Not to be missed!


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