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Oh hey there! Welcome! Take a look around!

Avalon jazz man.... 

What a doozy of a weekend! 

Friday I had the honour of playing 2 hours of jazz with Bruce Cale at the gorgeous Avalon in Katoomba, such a buzz! The uber talented Vanessa Leigh took some swell pics 

New recordings 

Got something cool cooking folks. With this little gadget I'm planning on recording a whole bunch of honest, FREE songs for you. 

Stay tuned...


Happy Hippy Hoedown 

What a night! The Baroque Room in Katoomba was absolutely packed last Saturday for an awesome fundraiser for Radio Blue Mountains and Toolo. So much dancing, so much sweat, so much groooovy music! I had the absolute pleasure of performing with Oliver and Johnson from Paperhill before kicking back and listening to Swanee and the Mountaineers. So sooo good! Check out these swell pics courtesy of Lona Logan

Hot three piece at Hotel Blue 

Oh man was Saturday night fun! 

I had the absolute pleasure of playing to a full room of beautiful appreciative souls alongside two incredible musicians and great guys. Frank Corby on drums and David Valaisa/Dave Javu on bass guitar. 

What a joy!

Momentum Launch 

Well, it's done! Finished! Momentum is finally out there in the big, wide world and quite frankly, I couldn't be more relieved. 
18 months of recording, mixing, blood, sweat and tears conveniently condensed into a handy dandy disc. Beautiful.
November 18 was the album launch up at Hotel Blue, the coolest of venues. Such a buzz playing with Bruce Cale, Frank Corby, Rob Weule and of course, Bass Daddy!
Full house and the night went off! Can't thank all the beautiful, generous people that came out to support and bring the music to life. 
I'm one lucky guy!

The most glorious weekend 

Still buzzing in a big way from the weekend just gone. So many beautiful experiences, so little time!
Friday night was a concert I've been waiting on for 6 months or so...Joe Bonamassa live at the Sydney Opera House. It. was. the. best. thing. I've. ever. seen.
Totally blew me away! Joe's performance was utterly inspiring not to mention the band of world class musicians he had working alongside him. Anton Figg on drums, Michael Rhodes on bass, Reese Wynans on organ and piano, Lee Thornberg on trumpet, Paulie Cera on sax plus three amazing Australian singers, Juanita Tippins, Gary Pinto and Mahalia Barnes. Stunning!

Mixing & Design for Momentum 

Well, it's all happening!
As I type this the tracks for Momentum are being mixed to sonic gloriousness and the graphic design is in the final stages and mock ups are being printed either today or tomorrow. It's all starting to come together and I'm feeling rather overwhelmingly grateful to be surrounded by such skilled people that have made and are making this all possible.
I have a printer & replicator all good to go once the music and artwork are finished and everything is on track for the album launch on November 18 at Hotel Blue....yeeeewwww!!!! :D
In other news, I've just had a few photoshoots done by my endlessly talented sister in law Danielle...behold!
Crazy good. I'll be posting some more of her photos on my website soon...stay tuned :)

Sweet lord it's FINISHED!!!! 

Well now, at long last the recording of Momentum is finally DONE! Everything is recorded and I'm sending the tracks to be mixed today. So incredibly relieved, it's been a marathon for sure!
Now it needs to be mixed, mastered and printed and then it's ready for the listening by your good ears :D
Stay tuned...


Well happy Thursday folks!
So I may have mentioned that I decided to call this new album "Momentum" to satisfy my perverse sense of irony.
Recording has been stopped, started, delayed and hindered over the past few months. Mostly due to the fact that I'm constructing a new studio at the same time and I've been spending my days lately weilding crowbars, hammers and nail guns almost convincingly.
But this week I've knuckled down and recommenced recording and folks, it's nearly finished! I'm meeting with my graphic designer soon to sort out style and make the damn thing look pretty.
Also, the impending date of the album launch is approaching at an alarming rate! There's no motivator like panic. Hotel Blue has been kind enough to host the launch of Momentum on Friday November 18 at 6:30-8:30pm. I'll update on lineup soon - there will be some giants in that room :)

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