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Oh hey there! Welcome! Take a look around!

5 gigs - 3 days 

I'm so excited for this coming weekend! 5 fantastic gigs over three days? Yes, I do believe I shall.
In four fantastic venues mind you.

In between the gigging and travelling, somehow an album has to be finished and new studio built.

...How hard can it be, right? :D

Back at Hotel Blue 

So stoked to be back at Hotel Blue for a Thursday night blues session.
This is such a happening venue for live music in the Mountains - relentlessly cool.
Free entry - gotta be happy with that

Winter Magic with Retro Rehash 

This coming Saturday just keeps getting better and better!

Now, not only do I have the joy of playing at Hotel Gearin for 40 minutes of blistering blues from 12 - 12:40pm

...I also have the honour of joining the fine gentlemen Willem and Roger at Retro Rehash 89.1 FM for a chat and some live tunes from 10am - 11am.
So excited I could pop!

Then, a lovely chilled gig at Cafe 2773 in Glenbrook from 6 - 8:30pm.

That's an epic  Saturday right there! :D

Winter Magic! 

Hey hey folks,

Just a quick update that I'll be performing at the 23rd Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. Love those last minute gigs. :)
We'll be rocking out at The Hotel Gearin on Saturday June 18 from 12-12:40pm. So excited! :D

Vivid FOGG  

Well, Vivid Sydney is up and running and so is Roger Foley-FOGG's exhibition Lightshows - 60's to NOW. I was honoured with being asked to write, record and perform an original piece of music to be used alongside one of his stunning and innovative artworks. It's been such a privilege to work not only with Roger, but also with the talented team of people that made it all possible! Special woop to Rusty and John Baker whom I spent the day with last week lending a hand to set up the exhibition.

The man himself - Roger Foley-FOGG

I'll be writing a post about the recording process of my track - "Funky FOGG" in the next few days. Roger's exhibition is on at 33 Playfair St, The Rocks on the ground floor of the Cleland Bond building - get on down and have a gander at this incredible man's life's work. Not to be missed!


More gigs plus an interview with RBM 

Got a big weekend coming up quick folks.
Along with the usual but no less fabulous gigs at The Bunker and 2773 - I've come across two other great opportunities.
First one - I'm heading up to Katoomba on Friday to have a chat with the groovy guys at Retro Rehash on 89.1FM from 4-5pm. I'll be answering a few questions about my music career so far - influences etc. As well as that - we'll have Eric Burdon on the air to answer some questions about his tour and music - and Kelly Haylen from MTNS MADE. So exciting to be a part of this! Definitely tune in and catch it if you can!
Second - bright and early this Sunday morning I'll be rockin up to Hotel Blue - one of the grooviest and most prolific music venues in the Mountains - for a breakfast blues gig from 8am-10am. Tickets are $20 which includes brekky and a generous helping of bluesy goodness.

Very fortunate to be in a community that has such a brilliant and lively music scene. Tops :)

Vivid Sydney 2016 

Ok wow! So, this year I've been asked by the lumino kinetic artist Roger Foley-FOGG to collaborate on an exhibition he's putting on at The Rocks for Vivid Sydney.
So honoured to be working with such an esteemed artist and such a great team of people.
Yesterday, we did some video recordings of a "wet show" - two incredibly talented lighting operators Rusty and John manipulated coloured blobs of water and paraffin on the surface of an overhead projector to produce some truly glorious and psychadelic effects - on me as a matter of fact, whilst I was playing a tune I've composed for the show.

Trippin' - photography by Roger Foley-FOGG


Rusty - photography by Roger Foley-FOGG


John - photography by Roger Foley-FOGG

Pretty cool!
Check it out on Vivid's website - http://www.vividsydney.com/event/light/lightshows60stonow

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