Who the hell is Willem anyway?

The blues is sticking around, a fact Willem Sherlock Roorda is fairly adamant about. 

With classical, fingerstyle and jazz roots, Willem has put out 2 self produced albums, done a busking tour of Europe, appeared at festivals in both Sydney and Melbourne and gigged more venues in the past 6 years than is probably decent. After 6 years of performing professionally, he has finally settled into his identity as a blues singer, guitarist and songwriter. 

Armed with a looper, a guitar and a beat up old stompbox Willem colours the gritty delta blues with bursts of jazz, funk, latin and a healthy dose of wild improvisation and originality to create a sound that is as unique as it is engaging. 

He has recently strapped on a Stratocaster and joined forces with drummer Jeremy in their newest project, Blue Sherlock. A filthy concoction of blues and steamy riffs that will grab you by the ears and leave you without a doubt that the blues is very much alive and well...