Winter Magic!

Hey hey folks,

Just a quick update that I'll be performing at the 23rd Winter Magic Festival in Katoomba. Love those last minute gigs. :)
We'll be rocking out at The Hotel Gearin on Saturday June 18 from 12-12:40pm. So…

Vivid FOGG

Well, Vivid Sydney is up and running and so is Roger Foley-FOGG's exhibition Lightshows - 60's to NOW. I was honoured with being asked to write, record and perform an original piece of music to be used alongside one of…

More gigs plus an interview with RBM

Got a big weekend coming up quick folks.
Along with the usual but no less fabulous gigs at The Bunker and 2773 - I've come across two other great opportunities.
First one - I'm heading up to Katoomba on Friday…

Vivid Sydney 2016

Ok wow! So, this year I've been asked by the lumino kinetic artist Roger Foley-FOGG to collaborate on an exhibition he's putting on at The Rocks for Vivid Sydney.
So honoured to be working with such an esteemed artist and…

Busting out the Burny

Been hitting the recording pretty hard this week.
A good friend of mine lent me his gorgeous Burny RFA-75 archtop which I've been putting to very good use on some of the jazz tracks.

Been tracking some vocals on…

Hectic but happy

Man. What a week!
Thursday playing at a ballet studio
Friday...dare I say THE best Bunker gig yet. Such an awesome gig, about half the tables outside were people I know, love and have a connection to just there to…

Friday Bunker times

Geeeezzzzz, I'm a lucky guy. Just came home from an awesome gig at The Bunker playing to some friendly faces both new and familiar.
This evening was so much fun...about half of the tables there were people that both Bass…

Brekky blues and Bunker....and I've run out of B words

Bright and early rise on Sunday...6am. Coffee coffee coffee then off to Hotel Blue for a loverly brekky blues gig for the Roaring 20's Festival And All That Jazz.
Chris, the owner informs me that he had a wedding group…

Saturday 2773

Full house at 2773 with 5(!) birthdays! One helluva party. I gotta text from The Bunker at 11pm to ask if I can cover Sunday afternoon...two gigs in one day? Yes please.



Awesome weekend this one! Got three gigs lined up.
Friday night @ The Bunker - when Papa Groovemeister and I started playing there was this little girl dancing her heart out right in front of us! Just the best!