New Soundcloud upload :)

So my PC died. I had a mic setup to record and all of a sudden it started grinding and whirring out a really ugly C sharp whine to let me know in no uncertain terms that it was on the way out. Cue a new laptop and a combing though of all the files I had tucked away on the drive. It yielded some shocking recordings I'd done and also some gems thankfully haha. Here's one of said gems... a live recording of Come Together from a packed out Carrington Hotel at Oktoberfest last year. I gave it a rough mix and popped it on Soundcloud for you to have a geeze at. Enjoy!

Plenty more to come now I have a recording laptop that actually works ha! Stay tuned, stay warm, stay groovy!

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  • Gillian

    Gillian Parramatta

    Love your cd Willem

    Love your cd Willem

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